Never forget, 
Never give up.

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10 years since the Muttur massacre, and ACF will not give up

On August 4, in 2006, in Muttur (Sri Lanka), 17 employees of Action contre la Faim were assassinated inside their office.
Ten years later, Action contre la Faim has not forgotten this crime that has so far remained unpunished.


10 years of lives

Ten years later, several members of Action contre la Faim bear witness and recall that when aid workers are targeted those who are affected are the vulnerable populations. They suffer direct repercussions and cannot receive the vital aid they need.

Read the testimonies of ACF staff:

« My strongest memories are those relating to the people with whom I have worked »
Eric Besse

For almost a year now, Eric Besse has been working as Country Director in the Central African Republic for Action contre la Faim which he joined early 2013. As an aid worker his strongest memories were those of the people he was in contact with daily. National employees involved in their work despite their own difficulties as it was the case for the seventeen employees of Muttur.

« Even if it is a tough job, we experience moments of great pride »
Charlotte Schneider

Charlotte Schneider is the Emergency Pool Coordinator. With her team, she intervenes during the most acute times of the crisis to deliver vital and urgent aid to vulnerable populations. She worked in Afghanistan, Haïti, on the Syrian crises and in Cameroon. The Muttur tragedy, one month before she joined Action contre la Faim, reinforced her commitment.

« Our birth is a lottery »
Caroline Antoine

Caroline Antoine is a Health Advisor at Action contre la Faim. With a Master Degree in public health, specialized in the management of health programmes, and trained in applied epidemiology, she joined the NGO world in 2008. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Chad, she worked for several years in the field and she recalls her particular situation in 2006 on the anniversary of the Muttur massacre.

« The emergency responses were those that make me feel that I was the most useful to people »
Marie Sardier

Marie Sardier joined Action contre la Faim ten years ago, shortly after the Muttur tragedy. After helping Togolese refugees in Ghana, she worked in Somalia, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali and other countries. She is now a Food Security and Livelihoods Advisor at the Paris headquarters. She recalls her humanitarian experiences which taught her a lot about herself.


We need to strengthen the protections for humanitarian workers and fight against impunity for these crimes, which in turn threaten access to populations in need of assistance.

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10 years after Muttur's tragedy:
never forget, never give up.

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